What if someone decides in May that they want to participate and conduct a Big Year?
Easy! Do it! It’s OK if you didn’t start in January. Just 'Join' on this website. Then line up some sponsors and start keeping track!
Can a participate get new sponsors after January 1?
Sure! You can be gathering sponsors all through the year.  This is all a good-natured fundraising effort for ASI, after all. The more, the better!
Does a participate have to bird EVERY DAY of 2018's Big Year?
This is up to the participant.  See above.  You can just agree to go to Creamer’s Field twice a month for 12 months, if you’d like. Who knows—maybe you’ll find a Black-backed Woodpecker or a Sharp-tailed Grouse in December :-). Or you can bird every minute of every hour of every day of the year if you’d like to go crazy!  Do what you would enjoy!
If I’m just birding from my kitchen window, I’ll be embarrassed because my species list
will be smaller than most of the other participants. Is this a problem?
You shouldn’t be embarrassed!  This is all about seeing birds and having fun—while raising funds for ASI!  Besides, if you have lots of sponsors who are each paying $10 per species, you’ll probably win the prize for raising the most funds!
Can a child/student be a participant?  Can I participate with my spouse/partner/child/friend?
Sure!  A child might require an adult’s assistance in some areas, but children and students —as well as spouses, parent/child, two friends, whatever!—are welcome to participate!

Do I have to participate in the Big Year or can I only participate in the normal 24 hour Boreal Bird-A-Thon? 
You can participate in all or only one of the events if you like, it's up to you. 

Are donations from my sponsors tax-deductible?
Yes they are if they are paid by credit card online through this website?